Poll Workers

Poll Workers are an important component of the elections process.  They are the front-line representatives of this process – most citizens never interact with any Election Official other than the Poll Workers – that makes the need for quality, dedicated Poll Workers paramount. Simply put, the elections process would be impossible without a strong base of Poll Workers.  Currently, Madison County has over 800 highly trained Poll Workers, including more than 75 seasoned Inspectors.  Each worker is an active voter, serving their community and local government proudly.

To become a Madison County Poll Worker, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a registered voter in Madison County
  • You must interact well with the public and work well in stressful situations
  • You must complete in-depth training prior to each election, or as required by the Code of Alabama
  • You must be able to work a period of 14 to 15 hours on election day
  • Click here for the poll worker application form

To access your online poll worker training, visit:
Madison Online Training

What are the steps to become a poll worker?
  1. You must be a registered voter in Madison County
  2. Complete an application – received either by calling our office and having one mailed to you, or by completing and returning the application available here
  3. Once your completed application is received, your name will be added to the list of eligible workers in your voting precinct – being added to the list does not guarantee that you will work in any election
  4. Prior to each election the above referenced list of Poll Workers is provided to the Inspector for each voting precinct – using this list, the Inspector organizes a team to meet the voting volume that the precinct will experience for an election
  5. The list of Poll Workers is returned to our office and those selected by the Inspector will be reviewed by the Appointing Board – when the workers on the list is approved a letter will be mailed notifying them of their appointment to serve and outlining available classroom and online training sessions – first time workers are required to attend a classroom training session
Is this a volunteer position?
No, Poll Workers are paid for their service. Poll Workers receive $150 and Inspectors receive $200 for each Election Day.
What are the hours of work?
All Poll Workers MUST be at their assigned Precinct no later than 6:00 a.m. on election morning. The polls close at 7:00 pm. After everyone in line at 7:00pm has completed the voting process, Poll Workers complete reports, package materials and prepare everything for return to the Madison County Courthouse. The process that takes place after 7:00pm can take several hours.
How will I know when to attend a training session?
You will receive a letter notifying you of your appointment as a Poll Worker. This letter will outline available classroom and online training sessions – first time workers are required to attend a classroom training session.
If I've applied previously as a Poll Worker, should I apply again?
As long as you are an active Poll Worker you do not need to apply again. If you applied in the past and have never been appointed to work or you have been unable to work during the most recent election cycle, we encourage you to apply again so you can be considered for appointment.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at (256) 532-3330.