Election Officials

Judge Frank Barger
The Judge’s role in the elections process:
The Judge of Probate is the chief election official of Madison County and is the only official with a role in each of the nine election duties required by law. These duties include, but are not limited to, the administration of polling places, appointment of poll workers (as part of the Appointing Board alongside the Circuit Clerk and Sheriff), administrative duties associated with the Fair Campaign Practices Act, and the canvassing of county election results (as part of the Canvassing Board alongside the Circuit Clerk and Sheriff). The Judge employs an Elections Administrator that works at his directive on the oversight and management of all facets of the elections process.

Probate Judge Frank BargerFrank Barger was elected Madison County Probate Judge in November 2018 and began his current term in January 2019. Prior to the election, Frank served as a senior staff member of the previous Probate Judge and as Madison County’s Elections Administrator. His experience is vast, with in-depth hands-on work in all facets of court operation. Prior to being elected, Barger personally handled more than 1,000 cases including wills and administrations, adoptions, mental health commitments, guardianships and conservatorships, and issues of eminent domain. In 2019 he presided over more than 1,200 cases. He is credited with overhauling internal processes, maximizing the use of technology, and revolutionizing elections management.

Before work in the Probate Court system Frank served as a non-profit executive – raising and directing community resources and leveraging state and federal funding to invest in programs that promoted education, served the elderly, children, mentally ill, and other at-risk populations. He has served on more than a dozen boards of directors focused on health and human services, leadership development, education, and the arts.

Frank is focused on tackling the mental health crisis by developing a model Court for involuntary commitments, implementing procedures to protect our seniors and children, and safeguarding secure and transparent elections. He is also working to ensure citizens of Madison County receive top-notch customer service that include well-trained staff and implementation of current technology.

He is a recognized leader in the Probate Court system serving as a board member on the National Association of Election Official’s Research Advisory Board, member of the Secretary of State’s Probate Judge’s Advisory Committee, board member for the Alabama Chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), and as a member of the Community Advisory Committee for WellStone Behavioral Health. Barger also serves on the legislative, conference, mental health, education, election, and communication committees for the Alabama Probate Judge’s Association. He is frequently called upon by legislators, elected officials, and other community leaders for input on matters that affect not only Madison County but the entire state.

Frank takes great pride in working as a full-time elected official and serving ALL residents that conduct business or interact with the Probate Court of Madison County. He and his team go to work each day for you.

Contact Judge Barger at (256) 532-3330 or via email to probate@madisoncountyal.gov

Debra Kizer, Circuit Clerk
The Circuit Clerk’s role in the elections process:
The Circuit Clerk is charged with several election-related duties, including appointment of poll workers (as part of the Appointing Board alongside the Probate Judge and Sheriff), administration of absentee voting, and the canvassing of county election results (as part of the Canvassing Board alongside the Probate Judge and Sheriff).

Circuit Clerk, Debra Kizer

Debra Kizer was appointed Madison County Circuit Clerk by unanimous vote of the Circuit Judges of the 23rd Judicial Circuit in 2016, was elected without opposition and began her current term in January 2019.  Prior to serving as Circuit Clerk, Debra worked as a Court Specialist and Deputy Clerk in the office.
Born and raised in Texas, Debra and her husband, Keith Kizer, moved to Madison County in 1992 where they raised their three children. The Kizers are members of Whitesburg Baptist Church.  Debra has served on several non-profit boards and continues to serve our community as a member of the Child Protection Board that oversees Madison County’s CAJA program and the Alternative Sentencing and Release Commission which oversees alternative sentencing options for the courts and various community corrections programs.

Contact Debra Kizer at (256) 532-3390 or via email to debra.kizer@alacourt.gov.

Sheriff Kevin Turner
The Sheriff’s role in the elections process:
The Sheriff is charged with several election-related duties, including appointment of poll workers (as part of the Appointing Board alongside the Probate Judge and Circuit Clerk), election-related law enforcement (i.e., keeping the peace at the polls), and the canvassing of county election results (as part of the Canvassing Board alongside the Probate Judge and Circuit Clerk).

Sheriff Kevin TurnerKevin Turner was elected Madison County Sheriff in November of 2018 and began his current term in January of 2019. Kevin began his career in law enforcement with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office in 1992. While with the Sheriff’s Office he served as a patrol deputy, both a juvenile and adult investigator, and was appointed as North Alabama’s first Gang Investigator. In 1998, Kevin was appointed as an investigator with the Madison County District Attorney’s Office, Criminal Investigations Division and The Violent Crime Unit, where he continued his duties as a gang investigator. During much of his career, Kevin was a member of the Madison-Morgan County Strategic CounterDrug Team where he eventually assisted in the founding of the Alabama Gang Investigators Association, and served as the associations’ founding President. Over his years of dedicated service, Sheriff Turner has developed strong ties to many local, state, and federal agencies which have routinely relied on him for his investigative expertise and experience as well as his ability to communicate. Kevin has dedicated himself over the past 24 years to teaching others outside of law enforcement about the dangers of drugs and gangs, including teaching in almost every level of grade and high school, hospital, churches, and other civic organizations.

Contact Sheriff Turner at (256) 532-3416 or via email to sheriff@madisoncountyal.gov

Patty Hanson, Absentee Election Manager
The Absentee Election Manager’s role in the elections process:
Duties include:

    • Obtaining ballots
    • Processing applications for absentee ballots
    • Sending and receiving absentee ballots
    • Noting the names of absentee voters on the list of qualified electors
    • Maintaining a list of absentee voters
    • Administering oaths
    • Delivering absentee ballots to the appropriate poll workers
    • Provide list of absentee voters to the Board of Registrars the day after the election; The list is confidential until the day after the election


Patty began her career with the Madison County Probate Judges Office June 1, 1998. In addition to serving as Deputy Probate Judge, Patty, in every election, has assisted the Probate Judge and Elections Administrator with the management and oversight of elections.

Patty was appointed by the appointing board for Madison County (appointing board: Probate Judge, Circuit Clerk, and Sheriff) to serve as the Absentee Election Manager for the 2022 election cycle.

Contact Patty Hanson at (256) 532-3329 or via email to phanson@madisoncountyal.gov.

Megan Duncan, Elections Administrator
The Elections Administrator’s role in the elections process:
Working at the directive of the Probate Judge, the Elections Administrator assists not only the Judge, but also the Circuit Clerk, Sheriff and County Attorney, with the management of elections. He or she works to ensure there are efficient and effective procedures and operations in place to meet federal, state and local legal requirements. His or her duties include:

    • In-depth interaction with the general public, Madison County Commission, Madison County Board of Registrars, Madison County Canvassing Board and various other appointed and elected officials
    • Cooperative work with local government entities regarding the coordination of election activities and political parties role in primaries and other elections
    • Develops recommended district and precinct line changes for the Madison County Commission that are required after the census and at any other time as required by law
    • Develops and manages the election budget in coordination with the Madison County Commission and the State of Alabama
    • Identifies and implements technology solutions to increase election efficiency and improve voter access
    • Maintains integral relationships with over seventy voting locations throughout Madison County
    • Manages and pursues grants/funding opportunities
    • Serves as the custodian of official election records


Megan Duncan began working with the Madison County Probate Office in 2019 and started as the Elections Administrator in early 2021. She studied Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Alabama from 2015-2019, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2019. Megan spent her last semester at UNA interning with the Alabama Law Institute in Montgomery during the 2019 Legislative Session. As a legislative intern, Megan experienced first-hand the legislative process while observing and assisting the members of the House of Representatives.

Megan is a Madison County native, growing up in the Monrovia area. She is recently married to her husband, Will Duncan, and they reside in Huntsville.

Contact Megan Duncan at (256) 532-3555 or via email to mduncan@madisoncountyal.gov.