Elections Administrator

Frank Barger

Frank Barger The role of the Elections Administrator:
Working at the directive of the Probate Judge, Frank Barger assists not only the Judge, but also the Circuit Clerk, Sheriff and County Attorney, with the management of elections. He works to ensure there are efficient and effective procedures and operations in place to meet federal, state and local legal requirements. Barger’s duties include:

  • In-depth interaction with the general public, Madison County Commission, Madison County Board of Registrars, Madison County Canvassing Board and various other appointed and elected officials
  • Cooperative work with local government entities regarding the coordination of election activities and political parties on their role in primaries and other elections
  • Develops recommended district and precinct line changes for the Madison County Commission that are required after the census and at any other time as required by law
  • Develops and manages the election budget in coordination with the Madison County Commission and the State of Alabama
  • Participates in speaking engagements, conducts interviews and issues press releases related to every aspect of the elections process
  • Identifies and implements technology solutions to increase election efficiency and improve voter access
  • Maintains integral relationships with over seventy voting locations throughout Madison County
  • Manages and pursues grants/funding opportunities
  • Serves as the custodian of official election records

Frank Barger was named Elections Administrator in February of 2011. At that time he immediately began work leading the effort to make improvements in all facets of the elections process. Significant changes made include:

  • Development of in-depth training for all Poll Workers, with specialized training opportunities for specific areas including inspector responsibilities and technology
  • Successful implementation of iPad technology for use by Poll Workers at each polling location
  • Overhaul of internal processes to streamline operations in the areas of supply receipt, inventory, distribution and equipment maintenance
  • Development and successful launch of a comprehensive voter information website
  • Development of an online training portal for Poll Workers

Contact Frank Barger at (256) 532-3332 or via email to fbarger@madisoncountyal.gov